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First Community Leadership Meeting Summary

This week we had our first Ubuntu Leadership Meeting. The goal of the meeting is to bring together representatives from the different governance boards to provide an open field to discuss challenges and opportunities in the community. In this week’s call there was Elizabeth Krumbach (Community Council), Laura Czajkowski (LoCo/Community Councils), Sergio Meneses (LoCo Council), […]

Vacant Developer Membership Board seat filled

The vote closed yesterday[0]. The results were: Barry Warsaw (~barry) Andrew Mitchell (~ajmitch) Charlie Smotherman (~cjsmo) None Of The Above The new member of the Developer Membership Board is Barry Warsaw (~barry) whose appointment was confirmed at the meeting yesterday. Please join me in welcoming Barry to our team. The Developer Membership board would like […]

Nominations for Xubuntu Project Lead 2011

Having served for 3 releases, Charlie Kravetz (charlie-tca) has reached the end of his term as Xubuntu Project Lead. Following the guidelines provided by the Xubuntu Project Lead (XPL) section of the Xubuntu Strategy Document, nominations are now open. Those wishing to nominate themselves or others should do so by email to either [Xubuntu] mailing […]