Monthly Archives: August 2006

News #11: What the Xorg's that about? Developers do Deutschland

In Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue #11 for the week of 2006 August 20th – 26th, you’ll find: breakage in 6.06 Distro sprint in Germany Backports are back Upstart unveiled Security updates Updates to Ubuntu 6.06 New apps in Edgy Kubuntu updates In the press Features of the Week: Thunar The opening section on the […]

Behind Ubuntu: Reinhard Tartler

Reinhard “siretart” Tartler: MOTU member The folks over at Behind Ubuntu present an interview with Reinhard Tartler (aka siretart) and all round nice person. Reinhard is perhaps best known for his work on REVU (“review”). REVU is the automated system that universe maintainers (MOTU) use for sanity-checking new packages. Before allowing new software to be […]

On your marks, set, Sprint! News from Wiesbaden

Mark Shuttleworth leading a session on improving the bug-tracker At the ACHAT hotel in Wiesbaden, central Germany, twenty-three members of the Ubuntu development team have managed to get together for a small, fast-paced development conference known as a ‘sprint’. The idea behind a sprint is to get as many of the right people in one […]

Three-way Freespire and OpenSuse comparision: the winner is…

If you guessed that Ubuntu came top in a comparision of three of the leading Desktop distributions, then you'd be spot on. Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth gave us a tip about the following shoot-out. Freespire and OpenSuse are pitted against our own Ubuntu and we thought that you'd like to hear the results as well. […]

Ubucon, USA: Ubunteros take over Google HQ

Photo Credit: Andrey Kuznetsov With San Francisco LinuxWorld Expo barely having finished, the Ubuntu camp have picked up their bags and headed across town for the world-famous Ubucon. Thanks to the brilliant directions (courtesy of SVLUG, the Silicon Valley Linux Users’ Group) everyone made it safely to their destination: The Googleplex HQ in the heart […]