Vacant Developer Membership Board seat filled

The vote closed yesterday[0].

The results were:

  1. Barry Warsaw (~barry)
  2. Andrew Mitchell (~ajmitch)
  3. Charlie Smotherman (~cjsmo)
  4. None Of The Above

The new member of the Developer Membership Board is

Barry Warsaw (~barry)

whose appointment was confirmed at the meeting yesterday.

Please join me in welcoming Barry to our team.

The Developer Membership board would like to thank Michael Bienia for his many years of service on the DMB and the MOTU council and wish him well on his future endeavours.

[0] We ended it a few hours early so that we could confirm the results during our meeting. There hadn’t been any votes in the previous few days, so hopefully the early closing didn’t affect anyone.

Originally posted to the ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list by Stefano Rivera on Tue Feb 14 15:39:30 UTC 2012

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