Monthly Archives: November 2010

Natty Translations Plans I: Translations Stories

One of the projects we’re working on the translations community this cycle are Translations Stories. We’d like to show how translations change people’s lives for the best, and how the work of translators has an impact on that. We’d like to share our excitement and highlight the awesome work translators do, and we thought that […]

Ubuntu LoCo Team Directory Updates

The LoCo Directory Developers have been hard at work in the past few weeks and this morning pushed out a new release of the LoCo Team Directory. One of the major changes in the new version of the LoCo Team Directory is that local times are finally displayed on event pages thanks to Michael Hall. […]

Interview with Zach Kriesse

This week we have zkriesse in the interview series. In my opinion, zkriesse is one of the Ubuntu community members who may not be well known, but certainly keeps things going as smoothly as possible. He’s involved in a great number of things, including the Ubuntu Beginners Team. 1. Tell as much as you’re willing […]

New Operators

Hi All, I am pleased to bring you the results of the current recruitment drive. After consultation with our existing ops, we would like to appoint the following people: For #ubuntu-ops: IdleOne For #ubuntu Bilalahktar Jordan_U rww For #ubuntu-offtopic Tm_T hypatia maco rww Please join us in #ubuntu-ops as soon as you can. We would […]

Patch Pilot Programme starts today

Hello everybody, we all know how important code review is for Ubuntu. It’s not only about spotting mistakes, but also about teaching new contributors how things are done. There’s always been busier times when we fell back in terms of code review and times where we did better. At UDS we discussed this fairly extensively […]