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I’m writing to you to let you all know that in November the terms of 2 of our IRCC members are coming to an end and the Community Council will be appointing or reappointing members for the 2 vacant positions.

The 2 IRCC members that are coming to the end of their terms are Pici (Benjamin Rubin)and jussi (Jussi Schultink).

The process for membership to the IRCC is described at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil

The relevant part of the document is below:

Appointment Process
Elections of new IRC Council members will be held in the following way:

  • An open call for nominations should be announced in the IRC Community, and people can nominate themselves for a seat on the council. Everyone is welcome to apply.
  • To apply for a seat the candidate creates a Wiki page outlining their work in the community, and inviting others to provide testimonials.
  • When the application deadline has passed, the IRC Council will review the applications and provide feedback on the candidates for the Community Council to review.
  • The Community Council will identify a shortlist for the board and circulate the list publically for feedback from the community. The Community Council will then finalise the appointment of new Council members.
  • In the future, the shortlist identified by the Community Council will be voted upon by team members as described at CommunityCouncil/Delegation. Part of the IRC Council’s role over the Lucid release cycle will be to identify a team of contributors to IRC which is appropriate to perform this vote.

As per this process, we are now asking for nominations for the Ubuntu IRC Council.

All nominations need to be sent directly to the IRC Council: Irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com

Nominees then need to follow the process as described above.

We look forward to seeing your nominations.

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