Auto Bug Expiry on Launchpad

I’m sure many of you may have heard by now, but we’re getting close to re-enabling automatic bug expiry on Launchpad. There’s a post about this on the Launchpad blog:

What do you mean “re-enabling”?

Launchpad has always advertised that we auto-expire inactive incomplete bugs, but we haven’t done this for awhile now. Some developers are using their own launchpadlib scripts which set bug tasks to the EXPIRED status based on the same criteria that Launchpad will use.

These individual scripts will no longer be needed once we re-enable auto expiry on Launchpad itself.

What does this means for Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is already configured to take advantage of automatic expiry. Next week, we will do a few test runs of the script that expires bugs. We will start with a full run on our staging server, which will not affect the main Launchpad site but will give us an idea if we’re doing the right thing with expiry. We will then begin batched runs against, doing runs of 100 or 200 bugs at a time. Again, this is to make sure we’re not expiring bugs we shouldn’t and to make it easier to recover from mistakes.

Once we get through a few batched runs on and we’re confident we’re expiring the correct bugs and everything is working smoothly with this feature, we will set the bug expiry script to do regular runs, expiring all eligible bug tasks with each run.

Originally posted on the ubuntu-devel mailing list by Deryck Hodge on Fri Oct 15 14:31:38 BST 2010

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