Linux Weekly News Subscription for Ubuntu Members

Today Canonical is announcing that it is contributing a new benefit to Ubuntu Membership: a complimentary subscription to Linux Weekly News. Our friends in Debian have been doing this for a while, and Canonical thought this could be an excellent gesture too.

To enjoy this benefit you need to be a member of the Ubuntu project. You can then switch on your free subscription like this:

  • Apply for an account at LWN by clicking here.
  • Send an email to Rachael at rachael.tripp (at) canonical dot com (preferably using your address) asking for a subscription sponsorship. This email MUST contain:
    • Your LWN username
    • Your Launchpad username.
  • Rachael will then go and double check you are a member and not telling porkies.
  • You will receive an email when the subscription has been accepted and is ready to roll (or read).


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