Ubuntu Open Week

Recently Jono Bacon has been working with the community to build up a collection IRC tutorial sessions called the Ubuntu Open Week. The aim of the week is to help those who would like to contribute to Ubuntu to ease themselves into the community and get started.

The week takes place between Mon 27th Nov and Sat 2nd Dec 2006.

The week of events includes sessions from some of the most well respected members of the Ubuntu community, on a number of different subjects, including:

  • The Ubuntu Community
  • Kubuntu
  • MOTU
  • The Documentation Team
  • Edubuntu
  • Translating applications with Rosetta
  • The Bug Squad
  • Ubuntu packaging
  • Becoming an Ubuntu member
  • Launchpad
  • LoCo teams
  • Ubuntu Ports
  • Q + A session with Mark Shuttleworth

The full timetable is available here, and everyone is welcome. All sessions take place in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net.

In addition to the formal events, Friday 1st Dec (the Friday in the Ubuntu Open Week) is a freshers day in which new community members and those who want to get involved in the community can come along, ask their questions and get plenty of help. This will take place in #ubuntu-freshers on irc.freenode.net. Existing community members are invited to help these new folks out.

So, there is no excuse for not coming along, getting involved and being part of the ever growing, ever awesome Ubuntu phenomenon!

See the main Ubuntu Open Week page for the latest details and timetable!

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