Monthly Archives: August 2006

Official Ubuntu book published

The Official Ubuntu Book is now available from booksellers, featuring everything you need to know about: Ubuntu and Kubuntu as desktop operating systems Ubuntu server installation and basic administration the Ubuntu community, how it works and how you can get involved. It also features a DVD with the latest Ubuntu version. It’s written by our […]

Return of the billboards (a LinuxWorld connection?)

After our previous story about an Ubuntu billboard being spotting in the US, it was tracked down by satellite to San Francisco in the United States. Standing next to Highway 101, the main Motorway/Autoroute in Silicon Valley, and right outside the headquaters of database company Oracle, an Oracle insider even asked on their blog if […]

Free Ubuntu stickers

Ubuntu fan in the USA? You can get free Ubuntu case stickers! System76, a PC manufacturer specialising in Ubuntu systems, is giving a free case sticker to United States residents who send in a stamped addressed envelope. System76’s Carl Richell says there’s no end in sight to the offer and they hope to extend it […]

New to Ubuntu? Guidance is here!

The Ubuntu New Users Network (NUN), a group of Ubuntu enthusiasts, has created the first Ubuntu Classroom. Providing new users with a one-on-one environment to learn Ubuntu’s ins and outs,the Classroom also doubles as a location for biweekly lectures ranging from the basics, all the way up to system administration. Recently, the network was featured […]

Crash reporting goes auto in Edgy!

Edgy now has automatic crash reporting which helps developers to track down crashes more efficiently: It intercepts crashes when they happen the first time, sparing sleepless nights for anyone trying to reproduce the crash. The reports contain detailed information about the affected program, assisting developers tracking down the problem. Is this goodbye to bug report […]