Monthly Archives: August 2006

Weekly News #10: Roundup of Linux World and apt-get Super Cow powers

In Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue #10 for the week of 2006 August 13th – 19th, you’ll find: Ubuntu wins Golden Penguin Ubuntu at LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco Security updates Ubuntu 6.06 LTS updates Edgy new and updated apps Summer of Code update Weekly Developer meeting notes Launchpad news and updates Bug Stats In the […]

Carrying away the Golden Penguin Bowl

The previous time the Geeks and Nerds challenged each other at dawn, it was MySQL vs. Oracle. This time at the Penguin Bowl there ensured an all-out battle of the Desktops as the sci-fi and tech questions rained in: Novell’s Open Audio team vs. the Ubuntu takedown squad. Once again, Samba founder Jeremy Allison was […]

Poll Time! Make Launchpad more readable

The Magazine poll to produce a name has now finished; a third of you loved “Ubuntu World”, 21% liked the plain name “Ubuntu Magazine” and almost one-in-six appreciated “Ubuntu Full Circle”. The magazine team are thankful for your vote and who knows, your name may come out on top. For our new poll, kiko from […]

Future Ubunteros swamp expo booth!

Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier over at Newsforge has been covering the current events at LinuxWorld San Francisco during this week. Today they ran an article that doesn’t surprise me one bit: Many of the .Org booths, the Ubuntu booth in particular, seem to be swamped, while others have only a few attendees dropping by at a […]

Launchpad Report for 17 August 2006

Christian Robottom Reis (aka “kiko”) who heads up the Launchpad team has released the Launchpad Report for August 1st through to August 16th. Launchpad is a collection of online services for products in the open source and Free software universe. Highlights for this Launchpad Report: Staging Server up and running Bug tracking on Malone (As […]