Return of the billboards (a LinuxWorld connection?)

After our previous story about an Ubuntu billboard being spotting in the US, it was tracked down by satellite to San Francisco in the United States. Standing next to Highway 101, the main Motorway/Autoroute in Silicon Valley, and right outside the headquaters of database company Oracle, an Oracle insider even asked on their blog if the sign was dropping hints at Oracle employees

Hot on that news, Desktop Linux have spotted more Ubuntu billboards in the wild and come up with their own suggestion about a connection to the LinuxWorld Expo happening in California during this week (August 14th-17th).

From the same event, we hear that Ubuntu's Matt Zimmerman has been having a Q&A session with the press, trying to answer how Ubuntu has managed to gain so much popularity in a comparatively short amount of time.

what differentiates one distribution [from] another, more than anything else, is its community of users and developers: how well they organize themselves, the image they present to potential users, their grassroots role in spreading awareness about the distribution. The bulk of any distribution is made up of the same core components, while no two communities share the same character, and users gravitate toward a community that feels like a good fit for them.

Did you manage to attend LinuxWorld or spot any new billboards? Tell us about it!

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