Poll Time! Make Launchpad more readable

The Magazine poll to produce a name has now finished; a third of you loved “Ubuntu World”, 21% liked the plain name “Ubuntu Magazine” and almost one-in-six appreciated “Ubuntu Full Circle”. The magazine team are thankful for your vote and who knows, your name may come out on top.

For our new poll, kiko from the Launchpad.net team has asked for a hand and some feedback on what font/typeface style should be used for displaying bug reports.

The system has now been switched to to look plain-text email, so that when you visit a bug report, such as https://launchpad.net/bugs/1 the text is displayed without any wrapping like you get in a word-processor. The result may also look like more like other Bugzilla bugtrackers.

Changing the style from variable-width to fixed with probably has as many advantages as disadvantages, so you should vote and make your thoughts heard. You can also contact the team directly over at the Launchpad feedback page.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the famous Bug #1 before, be sure to check out the report and see if you can lend a hand to help!

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