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Looking for PHP Developers to assist with forums upgrade

The Ubuntu Community is looking for a PHP/OpenID hero to help us in a bit of a bind we have on the forums. The forums need a branding update, as well as an update to the vbulletin software we are running. Unfortunately Vbulletin doesn’t support openid(!). Let us please not bring alternates to Vb into […]

New Forum Council Members

As some of you may have noticed some of the FC members have become less active over the last few months. As a result we have asked cariboo907, coffeecat, and overdrank to replace the less active members bapoumba, jdong, and Joeb454. I would like to thank bapoumba, jdong, and Joeb45 for their service and dedication […]

New Forum Council Members

Due to current and upcoming vacancies on the Ubuntu Forum Council, we (the FC) were in need of 3 new members to make the correct number of members. Previously, the FC was chosen from the staff team by the current FC, and then put forward to the CC to vote on whether or not to […]