Call for nominations: Developer Membership Board re-staffing (2024)

Robie Basak, on behalf of the Ubuntu Technical Board, made a call for nominations to re-staff the board on 28 May 2024. This is a follow up from Robie, with the thread on Ubuntu Discourse.

The following six nominations have been received to fill the seven expiring seats on the Developer Membership Board. In randomized order:

Benjamin Drung (
Simon Quigley (
Robie Basak (
Utkarsh Gupta (
Simon Chopin (
Lukasz Zemczak (

Since we have fewer nominations than there are seats, I’ll continue to keep nominations open until I start the poll on Wednesday 19 June. If you’re a core dev or MOTU, please consider if you can help. Please also encourage anyone you think is qualified and would be good at it to accept a nomination! Sometimes the most suitable people don’t consider themselves suitable without others pointing that out to them. Details on how to nominate yourself or others are in the original announcement above.

The new members will be chosen using Condorcet voting. Members of the ubuntu-dev team in Launchpad will be eligible to vote. To ensure that you receive a ballot in the initial mail, please ensure that a visible email address exists on your Launchpad profile (although there will be an opportunity to receive a ballot after the vote has started if you do not wish to do this).

The terms of the three highest ranked new board members shall be approximately two years. To rebalance the team such that the entire board does not change at once, the Technical Board have approved an exception such that the further four elected board members shall have terms of approximately one year.

Voting shall commence on Wednesday 19 June and shall last for approximately seven days, ending on or around Wednesday 26 June.

This announcement is being sent to a moderated announcement mailing list. For discussion, Ubuntu developers should use ubuntu-devel at

Originally posted to the ubuntu-devel-announce mailing list on Wed Jun 12 14:51:27 UTC 2024 by Robie Basak on behalf of the Ubuntu Technical Board

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