Joint statement: Kubuntu Council + Community Council

Members of both the Kubuntu and Community Councils have been approached by community members and asked what the relationship is between the each other. Both councils would like to confirm that the relationship is strong, and mechanisms are in place to ensure a healthy and open relationship between both councils. We would all like to point out that both councils collaborated and resolved any tensions together. We are all part of this one Ubuntu community, many of us have known each other for years and we all believe that everyone’s contributions are important, no matter which part of the project they ultimately land in. The two council are actively working on a number of concrete issues together and have decided to increase the frequency of meetings to better track progress.

Valorie Zimmerman said recently: “KDE, Ubuntu and Debian are all healthy, and Kubuntu is made from all three.”

Some Kubuntu and Kubuntu Council members also discussed this subject in more detail in their last podcast, which you might want to have a look at:

We would like to thank everyone who supported the *buntu family over the last years and want to restate: Our doors are always open if you have any feedback or questions.

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One Response to “Joint statement: Kubuntu Council + Community Council”

  1. Jonathan Riddell Says:

    “both councils collaborated and resolved any tensions together.” I was bullied until I felt I had to leave and you consider that resolved?

    “KDE, Ubuntu and Debian are all healthy” Ubuntu is not a healthy community project, the ubuntu-community-team list mainly involves arguments about how to set up mailing lists.

    Canonical still claims restrictions on Ubuntu software which are contrary to Ubuntu policy and which do not exist.

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