New Local communities health check process

This will be the new process, aiming to replace the current re approval process. It aims to be less formal, more interactive and above all still keep people motivated to be involved in the Ubuntu community.

Every team shall be known as a LoCoteam, teams that were previously known as an “Approved LoCoteam” shall be known as a “Verified LoCoteam”. New teams shall be a LoCoteam, teams do not have to be verified. The term Verified means that a Launchpad team has been created, the team name conforms to the correct naming standard and the team contact has signed the Code of Conduct.

Every two years a team will present itself for a HealthCheck – This is still beneficial to everyone involved, it gives the team a chance to show how they are doing and also the council can catch up with the team.

What is needed for a HealthCheck?

Create a Wiki with the activities of the period – Name the wiki page with Name of your team plus the YEAR example – LoCoTeamVerificationApplication20XX with the below details:

  • Name of team
  • How many people are in the team
  • Link to your wiki page / Launchpad group page
  • Social Networks (if they have any of them).
  • Link to loco team portal page, Events page, Paste events page – this is a good reason to encourage teams to use the team portal as all of the information is there and saves duplication.
  • Photo Galleries of past events.
  • Tell us about your team, what you do, if you have Ubuntu members in your team, your current projects.
  • Guideline of what you plan on doing in the future.
  • Any meeting logs, if available.

Teams will still remain verified this is just to check in and see how things are doing, If you can’t make a meeting, it can be done over email/Bugs.

In short, the overall process should remain pretty much the same as now.

If in case of any doubts/questions regarding the new process please dont hesitate to discuss or ask us 🙂

Originally posted here on Sun Aug 25 14:26:36 UTC 2013 by Bhavani Shankar

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