Ubuntu Developer Summit: 27-29 August 2013

The next Ubuntu Developer Summit will be taking place from Tues 27th Aug 2013 – Thu 29th Aug 2013 from 2pm UTC – 8pm UTC. The event is completely open and accessible to everyone at summit.ubuntu.com. We welcome community members, upstreams, partners, and anyone else to come and join the sessions.

As usual, the entire event will be hosted online using Google+ Hangouts, integrated IRC discussion channels, embedded blueprints, and collaborative note-taking. This format provides a fantastic method of not only coordinating open sessions, but also providing full recordings of every session for those who either missed sessions or could not participate.

We will once again have 5 tracks: App Development, Community, Client, Server & Cloud and Foundations. The track leads for these will be:

  • App Development: Alan Pope, David Planella & Michael Hall
  • Community: Daniel Holbach, Nick Skaggs & Jono Bacon
  • Client: Jason Warner & Sebastien Bacher
  • Server & Cloud: Dave Walker & Antonio Rosales
  • Foundations: Steve Langasek

Track leads will be in charge of approving Blueprints and getting them on the schedule. If you are going to be responsible for running a session, please contact the track lead to make sure they have marked you as being required for that session.

If you would like to get a session added for this UDS, you can do so either by registering a Blueprint or proposing a meeting through Summit itself. Both approaches will require the approval of a Track Lead, so make sure you discuss it with them ahead of time.

Contributed by Jono Bacon.

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