EA Games and Ubuntu

Electronic Arts are delivering two games into Ubuntu, Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances and Lord of Ultima. They are currently available in the Ubuntu Software Center.

While some may focus on the fact that these are loading web apps, the really exciting opportunity here is that EA have identified Ubuntu as an exciting channel to deliver their content. I would like to encourage our community to welcome EA to Ubuntu, and download and enjoy the games.

Let’s not get side-tracked by the fact that these are web games and not native to Ubuntu: EA are dipping their toes in Ubuntu as a channel of opportunity, and let’s welcome them with open arms.

Originally posted by on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 by Jono Bacon here.

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4 Responses to “EA Games and Ubuntu”

  1. Mark McKinnon Says:

    Hi there I would say this is a great first step. As long as EA brings out more and better games then I am all for this. But we still need to remember there are other companies putting out games for Linux. These companies have been Linux backers for years. So lets not forget about them but on the same side support EA.

  2. Ex Says:

    Battle Forge…be nice if it played well. Won’t let me log in. Won’t let me create new acct. Lord of Ultima works ok, but Battle Forge leaves much to be desired in functionality.

  3. nehmaan Says:

    Hi!, I have been using Ubuntu for the last 3 years and It has been fantastic.

    The looks and performance are all their with Ubuntu. I used to be a previous windows guy but unfortunately that is not the smarted OS.

    I typical have a high-performance PC that is dual-booting ubuntu and windows 7. I primarily use windows 7 for gaming. Playing games such as Crysis, COD, NFS and many others.

    It would be absolutely fantastic if Ubuntu pushed the developers towards their OS.

    I’m sure this would blow Microsoft out of the water.


    Nehmaan Ahmed

  4. ISHANT RAJ Says:

    there a need of big games like EA SPORTS GAME in UBUNTU.
    its awesome…

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