Ubuntu Teams

The Ubuntu Teams page just received a major makeover and it should be much easier to read and find information in there. Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this! If you should talk to anyone who doesn’t know yet which part of the Ubuntu Community they might enjoy becoming a part of, recommending the Teams page is usually a good idea.

If you should find typos, please help fix them – it’s a wiki. 🙂

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  1. Brandin Hess Says:

    I have been using Linux for twenty years, and I have even used Windows for a while. I have thoroughly tested Ubuntu 12.04, and after giving it a trial run for a few days, I had to reboot at least twenty times. Why? The answer is simple. It is very unstable. In fact, I believe that the latest release of Windows is more stable than the latest release of Ubuntu. As far as Linux is concerned, I will stick with Linux Mint, until the Ubuntu developers can get their head in the game and release an operating that is STABLE and most definitely, RELIABLE. I can’t run more than one process without it freezing and coming to a complete halt. I can not work with an operating system that prohibits me from doing day-to-day tasks, similar to that in Windows. You all need to compile an operating system that is fully compatible with all types of hardware, and one that does NOT freeze or come to a complete halt every fifteen minutes. It isn’t right, and I truly hope that you all can create something better. This latest release you have shouldn’t even be out there, but that is my opinion. So, as mentioned earlier, I will stay with Linux Mint, as it is much more stable, and I can do a tremendous amount more than Ubuntu. Sorry for the news, as I just point out the facts, and nothing less.

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