Planet Ubuntu Update

Dear Ubuntu Community,

During UDS-P, it was brought to the attention of the Community Council that blogs being syndicated to Planet Ubuntu included former Ubuntu Member blogs.

In order to update the what Planet Ubuntu aggregates to the public, the Community Council, with the help of Alan Bell, compared the Planet Ubuntu Blog list with the current Ubuntu members list, and removed the blogs belonging to those with lapsed memberships. Current Ubuntu Members whose blogs are syndicated to Planet Ubuntu were then matched with their Launchpad IDs. We also want to remind everyone that the “nick” field of the planet config is for your Launchpad ID.

If you are an Ubuntu Member, and you feel your blog has been removed from Planet Ubuntu in error simply add your blog with the updated information back to Planet Ubuntu.

If your Ubuntu Membership has lapsed accidentally and your blog has been removed from Planet Ubuntu please contact the membership boards ( to be readded to the Ubuntu Members team and then simply add your blog with the updated.

More information on adding your blog to Planet Ubuntu can be found at:

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email the Ubuntu Community Council at:

On behalf of the Ubuntu Community Council, Milo Casagrande

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3 Responses to “Planet Ubuntu Update”

  1. andrewsomething Says:

    I could probably cook up a script pretty easily that automates checking this, unless of course that is what Allen did.

  2. pleia2 Says:

    We have a script which goes through them, but it’s only completely effective when everyone puts “nick” to be the same as their launchpad name, hence the reminder of what that field is for 🙂

  3. andrewsomething Says:

    Cool. It might be a good idea to keep that script in the same bzr branch as the config file so others can contribute.

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