Ubuntu Font Family 0.80 released – with Ubuntu Mono

Hello all,
Ubuntu Font Family version 0.80 has been released, download the .zip from:


This is made available under the Ubuntu Font Licence 1.0, you are
expressly encourage to share, modify and remix. Source code and
licensing details can be found on the website above.

Release notes and changelogs for this 0.80 release can be found at:


This release adds five new .ttf files, the major additions being:

Ubuntu Condensed (×1)
primarily drawn by Amélie Bonet & Fernando Caro at Dalton Maag
Ubuntu Mono (×4)
primarily drawn by Amélie Bonet and engineered by Malcolm Wooden at
Dalton Maag
work-in-progress hinting work by Jason Campbell, and Vincent
Connare at Dalton Maag.

Thank you to Cody Boisclair & Júlio Reis for their contributions, to all
the testers within Ubuntu and Canonical, and finally to the whole team
at Dalton Maag for making this release happen. We hope you enjoy it!

-Paul Sladen

Ubuntu Font Family feedback welcomed (as always) to:


Originally posted to the Ubuntu Font Mailing List by Paul Sladen on Thu Sep 29 13:23:19 UTC 2011

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