Help Testing Translations in the New Natty Language Packs

Forwarding the call for language pack testing from the original announcement by Kenneth Nielsen on the Ubuntu Translators mailing list

Remember that you don’t have to be a translator to test language packs. It’s really easy, and by contributing to testing, you’ll help delivering new translations to thousands of users in your language!

Here’s how:

  1. Enable the Natty proposed updates repository
  2. Follow the instructions for testing near the bottom of the language pack updates page
  3. Leave the feedback of your testing in the table near the top of the language pack updates page

Call for testing

Hi translators,

After a small delay the next set of language packs for Ubuntu 11.04
“Natty Narwhal” are now ready.

There has been a change in how Firefox handles its localization, so
please take extra care to test that the localization of Firefox works
as well as it did before.

We’ve uploaded the language packs and the new Firefox packages to the
natty-proposed repository for you to test before they are released to
all users. These should contain all your updates and fixes in
translations done since the release date.

I’d like to ask teams to test them and provide an indication that
they’ve done so by following some simple steps and submitting a
signoff, so that we know that translations have been successfully

Simply follow the instructions in this page and add your team’s
signoff in the appropriate table:

The deadline for the testing is the 15th of June (in a week’s time).
After that, we’ll update the language packs we’ve received feedback
for into natty-updates, so that all users can benefit from the new
translations and fixes.

Remember that you’ll have to to enable the natty-proposed repository
to get these updates:


Remember that now you can subscribe to the iCal feed to stay up to
date with language pack updates and better coordinate your work:

REMEMBER to test the Firefox localization thoroughly.

Thank you for your help in testing translations for all users in your language!


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