Cool Projects That Need Your Help

I just wanted to highlight a few awesome projects going on that are looking for help and could provide a rocking place to get involved for coders, testers, translators, docs writers and more. Of course there are many other projects that need help, but I just wanted to highlight these few near and dear to me.


The result of Jono writing code, and then someone else re-writing it so it actually works.

Lernid is a tool I wrote a while to provide a simple, integrated interface for joining our many different online events. In it it supports presentation slides, viewing web pages, tuition event schedules and more.

John S. Gruber is now maintaining Lernid, and his focus is on stability and getting the bug list in shape and bugs fixed. Again, this is a Python application, and if you are a Python developer, I am sure John would value the help. See the Launchpad Project, grab the code and rock on it. Be sure to join #lernid on freenode.

Ubuntu Tweak

Tweak ’till Hammersmith.

As I have blogged about recently, the author of Ubuntu Tweak has been keen to join the recently formed Ubuntu Power Users community and has identified the follow key areas of focus for the new 0.6 series of releases for the app:

  • Safety – building in support to backup and undo changes so users can easily roll back config settings if they don’t work for them.
  • Pluggability – support installing and loading plug-ins from $HOME/.local/ubuntu-tweak/plugins and separate “Application/Source Center” as a plug-in (Install from PPA, package name: ubuntu-tweak-community-plugins) – this will tend to the current concerns about installing untrusted PPAs inside the app.
  • Janitor – the previous “Package Cleaner” will be renamed to “Janitor”, to instead the “Computer Janitor”, it will support plug-in too.

If you are interested in getting involved and writing some code (in Python), see this guide, If you want to test and report bugs, see this guide. If you are interested in writing plug-ins for Ubuntu Tweak, see this guide.

Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal

Kind of like Second Life, but in the real world.

You know it as, and I have talked recently about some goals for improving it to better serve the growing LoCo Team community. To summarize the goals:

  • provide a central point in which you can find out about all the incredible work going on in the community.
  • encourage best practice and skills acquisition across different LoCo teams.
  • encourage and inspire teams to participate by seeing the great work and ideas from other teams.

To find out how to get involved, first read this guide. It is also recommended that you join this mailing list and feel free to ask questions in #ubuntu-website on freenode.

There are a number of people actively involved and working on the site, and it is a fun project to be a part of and key piece in helping us to grow and inspire LoCo teams for a growing generation of Ubuntu community members.

Originally posted here by Jono Bacon on Friday June 3rd, 2011.

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