Another Upgrade Update

Back on March 9th I posted a Upgrade Update which outlined a tentative timeline for the upgrade of Today the Community Council received another update from Charlie Schluting of Canonical:

We have openid (with teams) working in the latest moin. A test upgrade (of another wiki) that we started working on this week has resulted in data migration scripts doing “the wrong thing” with some links. We’ve not gotten past that yet, but it’s actively being worked on right now, and should be a fairly quick fix.

I still want to upgrade some smaller wikis first, because the audience/impact is much smaller. I expect us to have at least a test environment for up near Natty release time (a few weeks). When we have that test up, I’ll be soliciting for help with testing!

Thanks again to the Canonical team working on this, and for patience of the community as they work through these problems!

Originally posted by Elizabeth Krumbach here on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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