Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ubuntu Global Jam: Call For Events!

Every cycle we organize the Ubuntu Global Jam; an event in which our global community gets together to help make Ubuntu better. The Ubuntu Global Jam is a great opportunity to get together and meet other Ubuntu fans and contributors, make new friends in your area, and help to make the next Ubuntu release a […]

Get ready for Ubuntu Developer Week

Go check your calendar… if you have no concrete plans for the time from Monday 28th February until Friday 4th March yet, make sure you add a note in your calendar. It’s Ubuntu Developer Week again. If you haven’t been to an Ubuntu Developer Week yet, no problem. This is how it works: it is […]

Debian 6.0.0, codename Squeeze, is out!

After two years of intense work, the Debian project has published a new stable release. You are welcome to read the full release announcement to get an overview of the changes, the installation manual if you are doing a fresh installation and the release notes before upgrading your systems. Choose your preferred installation media from […]

Interview with Carl Richell

I imagine quite a few of you have heard of System76.  System76 is a company that provides and supports Ubuntu pre-installed laptops, desktops, and servers.  What I expect is not so well known is the people behind System76.  I thought it would be a nice idea to get to know them better. 1. Tell as […]

Interview with Michael Vogt

Michael and his daughter Marie Michael has been around for more than 10 years and has always contributed to the APT software family. He’s the author of the first real graphical interface to APT–synaptic. Since then he created “software-center” as part of his work for Ubuntu. Being the most experienced APT developer, he’s naturally the […]