Announcing Ubuntu IRC Membership

I am pleased to announce that the Ubuntu IRC Council is now ready to start accepting applications for Ubuntu IRC Membership. The Ubuntu IRC Members team represents the people who have made a significant contribution to Ubuntu through the IRC medium. Applications to join this team are done through a process very similar to what you might go through to acquire membership from any other board or council in the community.

Please remember, Ubuntu IRC Membership is a way for people to acquire Ubuntu Membership for IRC contributions. Some examples of what these might include are available on the wiki. For more general contributions, you should apply through a Regional Membership Board.

By becoming an Ubuntu IRC Member, you gain all of the benefits granted by normal Ubuntu Membership as well as the privilege of voting in various polls of the Ubuntu IRC community by becoming a member of the ~ubuntu-irc-members team on Launchpad. This includes voting for members of the Ubuntu IRC Council.

If you have any questions about Ubuntu IRC Membership, please feel free to contact a member of the Ubuntu IRC Council.

Originally sent by Nathan Handler to the ubuntu-irc mailing list on Thu Dec 2 14:36:39 GMT 2010

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