Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #211

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is Issue #211 for the week September 12th – September 18th, 2010 and is available here.

In this issue we cover:

  • Welcome New Ubuntu Members
  • Welcome New Ubuntu Developers
  • Ubuntu Open Week, request for instructors
  • Ubuntu App Developer Week
  • Archive frozen for preparation of Ubuntu 10.10
  • Fixing Community Processes
  • Reflections on Ubuntu, Canonical and the march to free software adoption
  • Alternative UDS Accomodation
  • Ubuntu Cowntdown 10.10
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • LoCo News
  • Launchpad News
  • Ubuntu Forums News
  • My role in Ubuntu
  • Helping improve Ruby on Debian and Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Server Guide Retrospective
  • This week in design – 17 September 2010
  • In The Press
  • In The Blogosphere
  • Canonical announces provisional Ubuntu Developer Summit tracks
  • A Canonical Controversy
  • Why Red Hat should fear Amazon Linux
  • Bazaar team: want to work on Bazaar?
  • Canonical ISD: Ubuntu Pay is open for translations
  • Ubuntu Hardware Summit in Taipei 11 days away
  • Featured Podcasts
  • Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security
  • UWN Sneak Peek
  • And much much more
  • This issue of The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is brought to you by:

    • Amber Graner
    • J Scott Gwin
    • Liraz Siri
    • Jonathan Carter
    • Daniel Calab
    • And many others
    • If you have a story idea for the Weekly Newsletter, join the Ubuntu News Team mailing list and submit it. Ideas can also be added to the wiki!

      Except where otherwise noted, content in this issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License BY SA Creative Commons License

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