Live: Kubuntu "Qt Quick" tutorial @ 18:00UTC

Superstar developer Johan Thelin will introduce you to Qt programming, the software system underlaying KDE and Kubuntu

For those who previously read about prize-winning Kubuntu developer Aurélien Gâteau, you’ll be please to know dishing out prizes and lots of sauna aren’t the only thing happening at the international KDE Akademy 2010 conference happening this week in Tampere, Finland.

Tonight (Wednesday, 7 July 2010, 18:00 UTC) Akademy will be broadcasting live for Kubuntu Tutorials Day.

  • Alan Alpert from Nokia will be running a session on introducing Qt Quick and QML. Qt Quick is a new and exciting way to program, centered around design rather than code.
  • Johan Thelin (pictured) will be introducing programming in Qt.
  • Sessions on Beastie Hunting, Packaging and Merging with the “Ninjas” and Kubuntu Maverick (due to be released as Ubuntu 10.10 in October 2010) follow later.

The tutorials are free and newcomers are welcomed! Join everyone else on #kubuntu-devel at 18:00 UTC with your computers prepared:

  • For Johan Thelin’s Qt talk: sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev qtcreator
  • For Alan Alpert’s Qt Quick talk: download and install a newer version of Qt Creator before the tutorial. Note: the Qt Creator currently in the Kubuntu archives is not new enough, the pre-compiled version of Qt Creator above from Nokia is needed instead.
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