Getting ready for the Lynx's release parties

The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release is almost there and we’re getting ready to celebrate the awesomeness of this new shiny version and the great work of everyone involved in making it possible.

All over the world, from Maracaibo to Beijing, people are ultimating the details of their Lucid release parties to mark this new milestone in the Ubuntu family and to have a great time.

Check out the Ubuntu LoCo Directory, where we’ve got already 48 release parties registered. We can surely make this figure grow!

If your party is still not there, either because you haven’t started the organization or because you have not registered it yet, here’s what you can do:

  • If you haven’t organized a release party, check out the guide to help you with the planning
  • If you have a release party scheduled, be sure to:

    • Add it to the LoCo Directory. Add your party to the LoCo directory.
    • Spread the word. Blog about it, advertise it, tell your friends, tell local media, tell podcasts and otherwise promote it.
    • Stay in touch. Join the IRC channel #ubuntu-release-party on
    • Take pictures!. If you post photos to Flickr, please tag them with ubuntu, release, party, 2010, 10.04 and lucid. Jono Bacon the Ubuntu Community Manager is wanting to put together a collage of release party group photos, so take a group photo of your party people and email jono AT ubuntu DOT com with a link to the photo online and the subject “Lucid Release Party Photo” — ensure that you specify which LoCo Team party it is at.

Let’s make the Lucid Lynx rock!

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