From the standpoint of one who gathers information for the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (UWN), I see some confusion about how to use the Fridge Events Calendar. Information is given in a link ( ) at the top of the Fridge Calendar page ( ). There is also help available to you by either posting a request to Ubuntu-news-team AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com or by joining IRC channel #ubuntu-news-team and making the request there. If you are at all unsure how to do it or have any difficulty please join the channel and ask for assistance. We’re happy to help. For one thing, it makes OUR job easier to have it right the first time.

In brief, the information needed for an event posting is:

* Date of the event
* Time the even starts in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
* Time the even ends in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
* Location of the event: Unless this is a seriously unusual case, the IRC server will be or Because of this we simply list it as “IRC channel #[channel name]”. This will usually be #ubuntu-meetings, but we have had other channel locations listed.
* Agenda: This is a link to the web page on which your agenda is listed.

It should be noted that the UWN is usually published sometime around 20:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC (that’s 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM UTC) on Sunday, and the Upcoming Events in the UWN run from Sunday to Saturday. Events listed for Sunday may show up in the UWN too late for people to notice.

It should also be noted that if the Time, Location, or Agenda are NOT on the Google calendar (from which the Fridge Calendar gets its information) then the UWN editors are restricted to using the term “Not listed as of publication”. This is frustrating to us (we LIKE to give out the proper information) and embarrassing to you and could result in your not getting the turnout for your event that you might otherwise have had.

Your assistance will make things better for both of us. Please help us to get your information correct.

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