Ubuntu-India Re-Launches User Forums

The Ubuntu Indian team was founded in February 2006 and celebrated its 3rd anniversary last month. Since the very beginning, it has been growing gradually and now has over 1000 members (and counting). The community is managed by a team of enthusiastic individuals, Ubuntu Members and MOTUs. They are responsible for maintaining the mailing list, IRC channel and the community documentation.

Among the countless achievements, the prominent team activities include:

  • Participating in the Global Bug Jam – I
  • Being a part of FOSS.in 2007; Debian/Ubuntu Project day
  • Promoting Ubuntu and distribution of Ubuntu CDs/DVDs at gatherings
  • Representing Ubuntu-India at FOSS conferences, schools and colleges

Back in 2006, the LoCo team started their forums running on SMF 1.1.7. Due to some serious hosting issues, the forum had to be discontinued and it stayed down for about 4 months. Yesterday, a brand new forum was set-up and it is now open for registrations. You can find it at forum.ubuntu-in.info. The board runs on bbPress, a surprisingly light, fast and highly customizable forum software from the creators of WordPress.

So don't wait any longer! Come be a part of the shining new forum and the Ubuntu-India community.

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