Ubuntero Gets Inked – Ubuntu Style

One South African Ubuntu fan, Denham Coote, took a big step into showing his commitment to the ubuntu concept by getting an Ubuntu circle of friends tattoo. The Fridge caught up with him to find out what inspired him to do this.

Tattoo Pic

Fridge: Is the tattoo real?

Denham: Sure is.

Fridge: Getting that tattoo is a big commitment. What does the Ubuntu logo mean to you?

Denham: Well, apart from being a great design, I really love what it stands for. The ideals of the Ubuntu/Linux/open source community. The ideas of sharing, caring, acceptance, diversity, giving back, acknowledgement, working towards a greater good, etc. ubuntu.com sums it up wonderfully – ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’

Fridge: When did you make the final decision to do this? Was it a difficult decision? How long did you think about it?

Denham: I’ve often wondered and toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo, but have always found reason not to. It’s permanent. It should have meaning, etc. Last Wednesday I was out with my mate Kay (the tattoo artist) discussing the general idea. The next day, after thinking about it a little, I realised that these are values that can (and should) apply anytime, all the time. Regardless of what OS I run, regardless of whether or not Ubuntu Linux exists. That said, yes, I run Ubuntu!

Fridge: Do you know of others you have inspired to do the same? What has the general feedback been from your friends and family?

Denham: No one else so far. It’s interesting in that non-geeks simply see it as a cool design. Geeks will either shake their head and call me mad, or will think it’s really cool. So far the only negative feedback has been from the 12 year old commenters on Digg who get off on showing their ignorance 🙂

Fridge: Have your parents seen it? What did they say?

I showed my dad right after. I grew up in a household where tattoos were a big no-no. After explaining the meaning, he seems to have accepted it, even offering to help clean it up (when it was still very fresh).

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