Kubuntu Tutorials Day 15-June

Kubuntu Tutorials Day is back. Join the Kubuntu team on IRC, #kubuntu-devel, for some fascinating chats with Free Software’s finest developers.

There are five months of development ahead for Intrepid, so this is the perfect way to learn how to get involved.

  • 19:00UTC
    Getting Involved
    What’s happening in Intrepid and how can you join? Artwork, documentation, packaging, programming and more.
    Richard Johnson (nixternal)
  • 20:00UTC
    Usability. Is it just about removing options?
    Celeste Lyn Paul (seele)
  • 21:00UTC
    Packaging and merging howto
    Turn your apps into .debs, fix the packages already in the archive.
    Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • 22:00UTC
    Plasma with Python
    Plasmoids that are easy to make.
    Michael Anderson (nosrednaekim)
  • 23:00UTC
    Bug triage
    How to squish the beasties.
    Ralph Janke (txwikinger)
  • From end of talks onwards…
    Kubuntu Q&A
    Got a question? We’re here to answer.
    Your Friendly Kubuntu Team

See Kubuntu Tutorials Day page for more information.

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