LoCo Team Advocacy Success Story

You may have already read about it, heck you may have already heard it yourself! The Minnesota (USA) LoCo team went about contacting local media outlets and agencies to inform them about the recent Ubuntu 8.04 release, the Loco Team’s release party, and the exciting possibilities of using an open source operating system. Jon Gordon of National Public Radio (NPR) hosts a daily segment called Future Tense which brings its listeners the latest technology topics in daily five-minute capsules. Future Tense is heard in the United States during broadcasts of the CBC’s As It Happens. Gordon contacted our very own Tony Yarusso for an interview which was sent over the airwaves this mid last week.

Tony wrote on his blog:

Apparently it went well, as he decided to run it, so without further ado I’m happy to announce that I was on the radio, talking about Ubuntu! So, I got the double-whammy of getting myself personally on the news, plus getting an Ubuntu story in mainstream media (and a quite large, respected outlet of such at that). Nifty.

The premise of the five minute sound bite asks: Is Ubuntu ready for the mainstream?

You can hear Tony’s answer by visiting the show’s archive at Future Tense. MP3, RealAudio, and AAC formats provided.

Kudos and congratulations to Tony and the rest of the Minnesota (USA) LoCo team for their awesome job.

Want to get involved in advocating Ubuntu? You can see this kind of success too! Visit the advocacy page and LoCo Team knowledge base on the Ubuntu wiki for more information, tips, and hints on advocating as a team and as an individual.

Help spread the great news and be sure to pat Tony on the back the next time you see him!

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