Developer Summit Day 3: The good weather continues

The Developer Summit continues to tick along on the third day. As with previous days, today started with a number of roundtables about various topics. After that, …

Community Roundtable

The community roundtable this morning focused on the problem of keeping things fun. Problems discussed included interpersonal conflicts, burnout and other sources of things that make things not-fun. Pin-the-Jono was discussed as a solution.

Forums Developing & Programming

Mike B, one of the Forums Council members, has written up an excellent piece on helping forums users when they create better packages and get them interested in becoming MOTUs. Check out his blog post

Creating an Ubuntu Mobile commuity

The Ubuntu Mobile team is looking to build a developer and user community around the upcoming devices shipping Ubuntu Mobile. There was a great deal of discussion around the successes and mistakes that Nokia had with their Maemo platform. One of the key problems mentioned was the dropping of support by Nokia for older devices. The discussion then moved to getting web presence for the project and integrating that presence with the rest of the Ubuntu project, including the Fridge, Planet, wiki and other tools. This also included places for people to host applications and code that they had written.

I apologize for the short report, but the dreaded UDS plague has laid me low and I actually need to get some sleep tonight.

Tonight is Halloween and as such, many people here at UDS dressed up in costume. Check back tomorrow to see some of the wild and wacky costumes on your favourite Ubuntu developer or user.

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