Weekly News #59

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #59 for the week September 23rd – September 29th, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover the Ubuntu 7.10 Beta release, newly approved LoCo team and Ubuntu members, LoCos participating in Ohio LinuxFest 2007, and, as always, much much more!

  • Ubuntu 7.10 Beta Released
  • Newly Approved Ubuntu Members
  • Søren Hansen Joins Ubuntu Core Developers
  • Florida Loco Team Is Approved
  • LoCos Participate in Ohio LinuxFest 2007
  • In The Press and In the Blogosphere
  • Meetings and Events
  • Updates and security for 6.06, 6.10, and 7.04
  • Translation stats
  • Bug Stats

If you have a story idea for the Weekly News please submit it via email or on the wiki !

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