Monthly Archives: August 2007

Launchpad 1.1.8 released!

This week the Launchpad team released version 1.1.8 of Launchpad. There’s a lot in this release to excite the Ubuntu community! The Personal Package Archives beta will soon be available to all members of the Launchpad Beta Testers team who have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. You can now see your individual translation import […]

Kubuntu at FrOSCon

FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Software Conference 2007, starts in just 3 days (August 25th and the 26th). During this event KDE, Amarok, and Kubuntu Deutschland will share a room providing talks about Marble, Amarok 2, Kubuntu DE, and KDE 4. So if you are in or around Bonn, Germany, stop by the Department […]

Weekly News #53

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 53 for the week August 12th – August 18th, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover Celebratory Hug Day for GNOME, updates on compromised community servers and LoCo options, LinuxMCE Media Centre addon for Kubuntu, the Portuguese Team’s effort to put FOSS in schools, and much much more. […]

LinuxMCE Releases Media Center Addon for Kubuntu

Dot News, the KDE news site, has recently written about the new release of LinuxMCE. LinuxMCE is a free and open source add-on for the Kubuntu operating system. The new release, 0704, provides an add-on CD for Kubuntu 7.04, and turns your computer into the world’s most complete media center. “The traditional PC user interface […]

Weekly News #52

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 52 for the week August 5th – August 11th, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover the release of Tribe 4, promoting Ubuntu through the use of viral videos, progress of the US LoCo Teams Project, security breaches in community hosted servers, and much much more. Tribe 4 […]