LinuxMCE Releases Media Center Addon for Kubuntu

Dot News, the KDE news site, has recently written about the new release of LinuxMCE. LinuxMCE is a free and open source add-on for the Kubuntu operating system. The new release, 0704, provides an add-on CD for Kubuntu 7.04, and turns your computer into the world’s most complete media center.

“The traditional PC user interface doesn’t work well on a TV. So a different interface is needed, which is called the ‘10 foot’ interface”

LinuxMCE’s lead developer, Paul Webber, in an effort to address the ‘10 foot’ interface challenge, has joined up with the KDE Plasma developers and accepted the challenge. The 0704 release is the first step in making a prototype showing how LinuxMCE and KDE can work together.
To understand the power of LinuxMCE, which literally can run your home, read the features list and watch the video walkthrough. To try it out download the CDs or DVD.

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