Learning the Open Source Way

At the beginning of July, the FLOSSCom team and Ubuntu Education launched the “Learning the Open Source Way” project. They want to advance their collective understanding on how learning, communication and collaboration works in open source and how these experiences can help to improve (formal) education.

You are invited to join this group of interested learners and educators, currently including people from Germany, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Kingdom… Please come along for their virtual meetups and share your experiences and insights from the open source world!

For more informaction check out the Launchpad page.

The last three meetings/talks focused on these topics:

1. What are the roles in FLOSS?
2. Summer University Newbie Introduction – Part 1
3. Summer University – Newbie Introduction: The support approach

The coming three meetings/talks will focus on:

1. What is the FLOSS support system?
2. How is FLOSS learning different from ‘normal’ education?
3. Is there any assessment and evaluation in FLOSS?

You know that you can make a difference in open source, so please come and make one here too!

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