Weekly News #21 and 22 Double Feature

We have a double dose of news for you today, the older Ubuntu Weekly News #21, published last week on the 11th and the newer #22, hot off the press.

First, lets take a look at Issue 21. This was a jumbo issue, covering the past two weeks, including:

  • Ubuntu Developer Summit Mountain View
  • gNewSense announced
  • KDE 4 packages available
  • New teams
  • Forging Feisty
  • Changes in Feisty
  • In the Press
  • Edgy reviews
  • Security and Updates to 6.10 and 6.06
  • Bug stats

You can read all this and more at Issue 21 on the wiki.

And when you are done with #21, we give you #22, which includes topics such as:

  • Feisty on the Schedule
  • New LoCo teams announced
  • New Ubuntu Customization Kit release
  • Ubuntu-based PBX announced
  • Ubuntu-uk holds signed T-shirt auction for charity
  • Changes in Feisty
  • In the press
  • Upcoming events
  • Specification spotlight
  • Updates and security for 6.06 and 6.10
  • Bug stats

As always, you can read more at Issue 22 on the wiki.

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