Holy Fork Ubuntu Man

Our very own Mark Shuttleworth posed in front of a Google tree during a recent interview with the chaps over at The Register. Mark answered questions covering everything from Oracle, Red Hat, and Novell to um, Microsoft? The interview is fun, to the point and very entertaining. It is cool to see Ubuntu's top dog, aka Ubuntu Man, have some fun with The Register.

So how does Mark feel about recent decisions and news surrounding Oracle?

“I think it's great that Oracle has entered the Linux market, but the specific tactic they have chosen is going to be very impractical,”

One of many quotes by Mark, he provides a very detailed incite to the current events happening in the Linux community, post Microsoft/Novell. When asked about Novell and Microsoft, Mark doesn't hold back as he lays it all out on the line, letting you know exactly how he feels.

“I am sure that Novell just got paid $200m to be on that stage, and Microsoft is going to expect a return on their investment. And not from Novell.”

Now, the entire article isn't concerning the recent “what the forks” in the Linux community, as it also provides some very encouraging news concerning the future of Ubuntu and Sun Microsystems.

“Sun Microsystems helped add to the Ubuntu good cheer by saying the OS has been certified to run on some of its Opteron-based servers. As of today, customers can Ubuntize their X4100 and X4200 Sun Fire systems and Ultra 20 and 40 workstations. Eventually, Sun plans to offer Ubuntu across its whole x86 family.”

Head on over to The Register and read the entire article, Oracle must eat Red Hat or fork, says Ubuntu man.

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