First Edubuntu book in Indonesia

Edubuntu, the educational derivative of Ubuntu is making waves across the world. So much so that the first Edubuntu book in Indonesia was written by Prihantoosa of the Ubuntu Indonesia LoCo team and Rusmanto (Editor in Chief for Info Linux Magazine in Indonesia). The title of the book in English is Edubuntu, Pratical Linux Guide for Education.

Prihantoosa is a seasoned veteren in Edubuntu land, and has already held Edubuntu Install Fests twice. See here and here for more details.

To get a firm idea of what the book is about, this is the foreword (translated to English):

“Meant for practical guideline, this book can be use for teachers and students who want to increase their skill in utilizing computer as a mean of education, from Kindergarten through High School, even College. The book discusses the use of Linux as an operating system, computer learning for kid, learning other subjects with the help of computer and Linux. Interrelated school subjects or college, such as mathematics, drawing, and natural science.

You can also have Linux Edubuntu CD’s, bundled with this book, which is one of the Ubuntu variants that is furnished with many tools for education. This book and CD is not only suitable to support formal education, but can also use as a non-formal and self-learning at home or office.

The first two chapters within this book, are introducing readers to Linux, how to make an installation and un-installation of Linux Edubuntu, adding and removing programs, and running all of the applications in it. Chapter three, discussing education application KDEdu to learn some branches of mathematics and natural science, language, typing, etc. Chapter four discusses special education application for kids, such as Gcompris which comprise of many subjects, TuxMath to learn how to count, and TuxTyping to learn how to type. Chapter five discussing the use of computer to learn how to draw, photo manipulation, creating photo album, coloring picture, or just as simple as showing some pictures.”

So, education fans, get out and get your hands on a copy!

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