Make your Ubuntu video – win $100

We’ve all seen how cool technologies – such as Ruby on Rails – have wowed people through video.

Ubuntu Video is a new blog that can do the same for our favourite operating system. John Little, the site’s creator, hunts down Ubuntu-related movies and links to them using YouTube.

He told The Fridge what motivated him to get the site online:

Video allows us to dispel the old Linux myths: that it’s difficult, command line driven, there are no games for it, that sort of thing. I want Ubuntu users to flood the internet with videos that demonstrate the truth!

John’s even running a competition to find the best in Ubuntu Video. He’s offering $100 to the winner and makes some suggestions as to what you might make:

  1. Record your own Ubuntu commercial.
  2. Show us how you use Ubuntu in a unique way or place.
  3. Record an instructive screencast.
  4. Make a mini documentary about free software.
  5. Go to a major retailer and ask to by a PC with Ubuntu pre-installed. Take your camera.
  6. Show us your linux gaming rig.

Enter the competition at or get involved in this and similar projects by joining the Ubuntu Marketing mailing list.

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