Mark Shuttleworth Interviewed on TV

More4 News, a Channel4 associate, interviewed Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth recently. The video of the interview is available at the online news story. Mark talks about philanthropy and technology in the interview, and we get to know that he loves the geek culture 🙂

When you’ve made £400m before your 30th birthday -you’d probably want to spend the rest of your days living the highlife.
But not Mark Shuttleworth who made his fortune when he sold off his internet security company four years ago.
Since then, he has given half of it to charity and bought a £13m pound ticket to space station.
Now he’s working hard to create a free software – which he hopes will rival Microsoft. He has given a rare interview to More 4 News.

Update: Jonathan Riddell tells us: The direct link to the video is mms://longurl… (right-click, copy) which can be downloaded using mimms from universe, then played with the w32codecs and mplayer. …If it doesn’t work out of the box 🙂

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