UDN – Issue #1

Vincent Untz, perennial GNOME hacker and a member of the Desktop Team has published the first issue of the Ubuntu Desktop News (UDN). Highlights include gconf and rhythmbox improvements, Michael Vogt’s slick new click-and-install .deb tool, gdebi, and shots of the new logout window prototype.

Vincent caps off the first issue an interview with the GNOME packaging machine, aka Sebastien Bacher, who handles a large part of bringing desktop goodness into the distribution:

Some people call me “sebuild”, I’m kind of a “serial updater” :). Joke aside my main job is to update GNOME packages every time upstream roll a new tarball and to handle bugs we get about the GNOME packages (most of the desktop stuff).

In related Desktop Team news, the minutes from the first desktop meeting are up in case you missed them. If you’re interested in helping out the desktop folks, then Bug Day is a good day to start.


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