Monthly Archives: August 2011

Ubuntu 11 .10 Release Parties

It’s this time of year again where we get together in our local communities to celebrate the release of the newest release of Ubuntu. On October 13th 2011 we will celebrate the release of Oneiric Ocelot. With that in mind, lets get all the loco communities out celebrating, having fun and sharing with one another […]

New 2011-2012 Ubuntu Women Leadership Team Announced

Thank you so much to all those who voted and many thanks to Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2), Jessica Ledbetter (jledbetter), Cheri Francis (Cheri703) and Valorie Zimmerman (valorie) for┬átheir willingness to run for these positions.┬áMany thanks to Melissa Draper and Leigh Honeywell for serving on former leadership team. Below is the New 2011-2012 Ubuntu Women Leadership Team: […]

Ubuntu 11.10 Development update

Ubuntu Development Update Last week we hit Feature Freeze. This is the big date that all developer dread the most. Now features and new upstream versions have to have landed, everything else will be a matter the release team has to decide upon. We are rushing towards release with UI Freeze and Beta Freeze coming […]

Interview with Kate Stewart

Ubuntu users want to know more about the Ubuntu release process and with the Ubuntu 11.10 Feature Freeze milestone accomplished, Amber Graner catches up with Kate Stewart, Ubuntu Release Manger at Canonical, to talk about the ends and outs of the release process and more. Thanks Kate! Let’s get started. Amber Graner: Could you please […]

Unity Contributor Report: So long Feature Freeze!

Ubuntu hit feature freeze last week, which means for most intents and purposes the features for 11.10 and are now in place, and the remainder of the cycle is left for bug fixing and polish, as you can see the contributor team has been quite busy! Unity Contributor Activity This Week Andrea Azzarone fixes a […]