The Power User’s Guide to Unity

Well, we’re a week away from 11.04 so I decided that I would collate the information about Unity on the web and put it into one nice page for everyone to find. Got some more tips you’d like to add? Add them in the comments!

Getting Started

Home page

Hardware Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Launcher and Quick Lists

Indicators and notification area



For application developers

Contributing to Unity

Am I missing any? Post them in the comments. (I will moderate comments for this post to only allow tips and tricks)

Originally posted here by Jorge Castro on Wednesday, April 20, 2011.

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One Response to “The Power User’s Guide to Unity”

  1. Briggs Says:

    For the most part, i enjoy the primary sidebar element of unity, but honestly, it takes up to six clicks to locate a program inside an application category. That is a bit silly, since the traditional gnome menu takes two, and about a third of the actual time. I really hope in the future, something can be done to speed up the process of program discovery in unity.

    Thanks for all of the hard work guys, it really is coming along nicely.

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