Monthly Archives: May 2007

D-Link LiveDVD features Kubuntu

In a recent story published by Heise Online, D-Link is publishing a LiveDVD featuring the Kubuntu GNU/Linux operating system. This DVD features a router development environment for the HorstBox Professional VoIP router (page available in German only). The HorstBox Professional contains a WLAN router with ADSL modem as well as a system that runs the […]

Dell Team Up With Canonical

As a testament to Ubuntu's growing mainstream success, Canonical and Dell this week announced that they were working together to offer Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) on select desktops and notebooks. The deal was struck in response to an overwhelming number of requests made on the Dell IdeaStorm website for Ubuntu to be bundled with Dell […]

Ubuntu Education Summit a success!

The Ubuntu Education Summit took place this week in Sevilla, Spain, and went smoothly. The Ubuntu Education team heard problems from educators and people working in education from around the world. Problems and situations that people regularly face have been noted and will be taken into account during the developers’ summit, taking place this week. […]

Mentoring comes to Launchpad

There’s something new in Launchpad this week: mentoring. The Ubuntu community is proof that free software works best when we work together. It’s not always easy for new participants to get started, though. Launchpad’s new mentoring framework is a simple way to help new community members learn the ropes. With it you can: Offer to […]