Monthly Archives: July 2006

Xubuntu's Jani Moses interviewed

Xubuntu core developer Jani Monoses (‘janimo’ on IRC) gets the A-list celebrity treatment and joins Ubuntu’s Walk of Fame over at Behind Ubuntu. Xubuntu is designed for lower-specification or older machines and can install on machines with only 64MB of RAM. It manages this amazing feat by switching out the traditional full-scale KDE and GNOME […]

Register says Ubuntu goes mainstream

Our friends at the UK’s premier third-rate IT blog, The Register, have a new interview up with Benevolent Dictator Mark Shuttleworth branding him a “millionaire cosmonaut and self-funded Linux guru” and talking about taking Ubuntu to the mainstream. Mark reveals that Canonical is using about $10m/year on building and promoting Ubuntu, all currently coming from […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS given award by IT Reviews

Dapper has been given a “Recommended” award by IT Reviews: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is a very complete and usable Linux distribution and one that’s remarkably easy to get to grips with compared to some others. All of which makes it a good starting point for newcomers, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s cut-down in […]

Simon Law, Ubuntu's "Bug Czar" has published an interview with Simon Law, head of Quality Assurance for the Ubuntu Project. Specifically for QA, you can join the Ubuntu BugSquad. We’re a tight-knit group of people who are interested in helping with the neverending flow of bugs that come in. You can start by helping to triage new bugs and […]