Monthly Archives: March 2006

Mr. Dell opens up about Desktop Linux

Michael Dell, chairman and founder of Dell, mentioned Ubuntu in a number of contexts in a recent interview on Of great interest was his comment that, “Ubuntu is now the most popular desktop distribution on Dell PCs”. Rock and roll! “If we say we like Ubuntu, then people will say we picked the wrong […]

Artwork Weekend

Pascal Klein writes in to announce a new effort brewing from the Art Team: This weekend, coinciding with the Ubuntu UI sprint happening in London, might as well be a nice time to catch up, get some decisions and work done, so I suppose let us dub it the 'Artwork Weekend'. This has several implications, […]

Official Ubuntu Book

For the last few months, Jono Bacon has been working with Benjamin Mako Hill, Corey Burger, Ivan Krstic, Jonathan Jesse and some other authors to write the Official Ubuntu Book. The book will be published by Prentice Hall PTR and available for sale in shops as well as being available online under the CCL license. […]